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     We are a group of people loving Japanese culture TokyoNEST (Nishi Nippori) was opened in 2018 with a serendipity and gave us the to begin our accommodation business. Our intention is to let every guest to feel like they are staying in home when they choose TokyoNEST. Also, we are very honored to have 568 guests from variety place around the world.

Through communication with guests, we understand that a good accommodation makes their trip delightful. When our guests share their excellent experiences and emotions about Tokyo with us, we can feel we are being trusted and making them feel comfortable with great smiles when they are staying in TokyoNEST. Take a smile and pass it on, this is very pleasant to  us!


That’s whyA Home away from Home with smiles!
We built TokyoNEST (Nippori) in 2022 based on our original intention: share happiness and smiles. We offer comfortable accommodation with modern services. It starts from a smile, we are looking forward to see you soon.

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